13 February 2015

rome | santa maria in trastevere

The Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere is my favourite church in Rome; I love religious Byzantine art, and the basilica's glittering gold mosaics and beautifully ornate ceilings never fail to take my breath away.  On my last visit, I was really fortunate to be shown around by a lovely man who works there (I think he may be the caretaker).  He noticed me with my camera, motioned for me to come over, pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and showed me through all of the locked chapels that line the sides of the church, with running commentary in Italian to boot (I was so happy that I managed to get the gist of most of what  he was telling me, although I admittedly had to focus really, really hard on his words).  I even got to go behind the little roped-off areas :)  I took very few photos whilst he was talking as I didn't want to be rude and also, I really just wanted to take everything in as it was being explained to me.  After my little tour, however, was another story ...

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

11 February 2015

rome | wanderings (part IV)

I am home today after having had minor surgery yesterday afternoon, and am under strict instructions to refrain from driving and making "complex legal decisions," hah.  I will admit that I was pretty much terrified going into it all as I have never had surgery before, but thankfully everything went well and I am feeling pretty good(ish).  I am still trying to get over the total craziness of general anaesthetic; one minute I was chatting about shoes (of all things), at which point the anaesthetic was administered, my face went kinda tingly and I said "whoa, that feels weird!" and the next (well, seemingly the next), I was being woken up in recovery.  I just remember kind of peering around the room, all "whaat?  It's over?"  and then realising "hooray, I didn't die!" (I may have worked myself up a little beforehand, despite undertaking numerous Google searches and being unable to find any reported cases of death resulting from my procedure).

So, that was that.

Anyhow, here are some more photos of Rome.  Apparently I took a lot; wandering all over, I fell in love with this crazy/beautiful city all over again :)

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

25 January 2015

summertime blues

It's a super summery long weekend here in Sydney (well, aside from the forecast rain), and today my mum, aunt, and I caught the ferry from Circular Quay to Watson's Bay for my cousin's pre-wedding girls' extravaganza.  It was bloody hot! but lovely to be out and about on/near the water ...

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun


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