6 November 2012

48 hours (give or take) in venice ...

D and I arrived in Venice early yesterday evening and proceeded to ride up and down the Grand Canal with our luggage for awhile, having caught the wrong ferry and missed our stop.  But we found our B&B eventually, then ventured out for dinner and promptly got lost going both there and back (and can I just say, Venice in the dark without a map is not the easiest place in the world to navigate).  But again, we found our B&B eventually.  Eventually.  It was kind of a late night!

Everything was so much easier in the sunshine-y light of day, though.  Today (like most days) consisted primarily of wandering around and taking photos.  As a side note, we saw a girl pick up after her dog using a piece of paper and casually tossing the paper and poop right into a canal, which made me cringe when I thought of people frolicking about in the water barefoot during acqua alta.  And speaking of which, various parts of Venice were underwater for a short while today (though thankfully nowhere near as much as late last week), which I had never seen in real life before, and although the city looked as beautiful as ever, I also found it oddly sad for some reason.

Anyway, here are a few quick photos from the day.  Tomorrow we are planning to visit Burano as D has never been there before and then the day after that, we are off to Florence (my favourite city!  Yay!).


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