Wednesday, 7 November 2012

one last photo from venice ...

We were fortunate to have beautiful weather for our last day in Venice today.  We visited Burano and Murano and then raced back to the city in time for sunset.  As the sky turned shades of pastel pink and blue, the lights in Piazza San Marco began to glow and I stood still among the masses of people, listening to the musicians playing outside the Gran Caffe and trying to soak it all in, just in case it's the last time I ever see it.

PS. Today was also a great day in that I managed to pat a cat and a dog while we were in Burano (I am missing our fuzzball!) :)


  1. "... just in case it's the last time I ever see it." Those few words right there, hit home and just breaks my heart to think of times like that. On the flip side though ... I hope you're having a fantastic time :)

  2. First off...I am so relieved to hear that you seek out a fur-fix whilst en vacance....Mr.Lane is always worried we'll be arrested as I pelt after some poor unsuspecting dog owner in search of salving my own Boodle sadness.
    Second the Venice photos are so beautiful...the colours are so stunning, longing to be there, November is, without exception, the best month to visit.
    Glad you are soaking it all up and sharing a little bit with us,
    Sarah -x-

  3. That looks so magical - I've loved all your pictures away and have followed them all. I hope you had a lovely trip...or is there more.

    Nina x



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