Thursday, 6 December 2012

a few small stationery acquisitions

All the prettiness over on Pinterest (oh, I have a tiny spider climbing up my arm!  That felt weird) got me all inspired over my Christmas wrapping, so I purchased a few bits and pieces (any excuse for new stationery!), resurrected some leftovers from last year and decided to take some photos, as you do.  I am very aware that I can't style to save myself! but no matter :)

Alphabet stamps:  Emerald & Ella (I love the little wooden box!)
Red and white striped and silver glitter fabric tape:  Emerald & Ella
White scalloped tags:  Emerald & Ella
Jute twine:  Officeworks
Red and white baker's twine: Kikki-K
Ceramic stars:  Paper Boat Press (from last year, but they have some similar ones available)


  1. Your styling is lovely :) Coveting the stamps :)
    Ellen xx

  2. You're going to have such beautifully wrapped gifts!

  3. They are so beautiful, you are a great stylist! Is it okay if I pin one or two of these? :D Love, love, love the stamps in that wooden box. Wish I could find them here. xoxo

    1. Thanks Karin :) More than happy for you to pin! xox

  4. So pretty I think you did a fine styling job too, kat x



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