4 December 2012

an afternoon walk in paris

D and I arrived in Paris in the early afternoon after catching the train from Brugge via Brussels.  Curiously, the first class train tickets were cheaper than those for second class, so we got to lounge around in red velvety train travel goodness for a couple of hours, which we really rather liked even though it makes me feel shallow and obnoxious to admit it.

After settling into our little apartment in the Marais (which entailed dragging our bags up 76 winding, shiny and slippery wooden stairs and a significant amount of cursing interspersed with laughter) and marveling at what was the smallest bathroom either of us had ever seen (truly, the shower was barely bigger than a postage stamp.  Well, maybe not truly, but it was comically tiny), we ventured out for a long walk in the Parisian cold ...


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