3 December 2012

brugge | details & doorways

Happy Monday/Sunday evening, depending on where you are in the world ... Summer has well and truly arrived in Sydney accompanied by the odd afternoon thunderstorm (love!) and crazy humidity (not love!).  If things continue on in a similar vein, I will have to resign myself to the fact that I am unlikely to have anything even approaching a good hair day until, oh, Autumn.  I do really like this time of year, though ... Christmas is coming (it will be D's first Summer Christmas, and he still appears to be figuring out how he feels about that), as is a short work break (yes, I know I just had a bigass holiday ... we close down so I have no choice but I am definitely not complaining!  I am looking forward to sleep-ins), the florists are full of beautiful flowers (including my favourite, peonies, although I have yet to find just the right bunch to justify their price) and the greengrocer is piled high with all my favourite summer fruit, hooray!

So that was a random little introduction that has absolutely nothing to do with the below photos, but anyway, it's there now :)  As for the photos ... well, I am quite often a details girl and on the lookout for little vignettes to photograph, and Brugge had an abundance of beautiful doors and other features to keep me occupied.  I particularly love the crowned "b" below, which appeared all over the city ...


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