13 December 2012

my christmas wish list (or, a not very subtle hint for a certain someone)

Apparently I am difficult to buy for, although I have to say that I respectfully disagree (a-hem).  I love, love books, especially beautifully photographed cookbooks (even though I wouldn't exactly say that I am, ah, skilled in that area, but I aspire to be! and figure that counts for something) and travel books about faraway places, and books about interior decorating ... I spend a lot of time in book stores as you can probably tell!  I have had my eye on these for a little while, but D has banned me from buying anything for myself in the lead-up to Christmas.  Given that he still professes to be completely clueless (and I can't figure out whether it is an act or not), here are some not-so-subtle hints for my love or for my mom (I love that I now have a mum and a mom) to pass on! since I know she reads this blog, whereas D rarely does ... happy with any one of these, babe! (threw the last one in just [mostly!] for fun).  So we'll see what winds up under the Christmas tree ... which reminds me ... we need to buy a Christmas tree ...

What Katie Ate: Katie Quinn Davies

My Greek Island Home: Claire Lloyd

{all images: Claire Lloyd via Penguin Books Australia}

Decorate Workshop: Holly Becker


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