20 December 2012

paris | le marais

Wow, where did the last week go?  Life and work are super busy in the lead-up to Christmas, even though I think that it should be the opposite as far as work is concerned!  Everybody just r e l a x ... because I am trying to! and my attempts to do so are being continually thwarted (what a word: thwarted).  Hah.

Sigh, anyway.  Here are some photos of the Marais neighbourhood, which is where we stayed during our time in Paris.  The Marais is probably my favourite area; it's just so ... Parisian.  Not in the Grand Boulevards, Eiffel Tower sort of way, but just a maze of beautiful little streets lined with cream-coloured buildings and a preponderance of cafes, restaurants and gorgeous boutiques.  It is also home to the city's Jewish quarter (with Rue des Rosiers being the main thoroughfare), where we had some great meals and, um, pastries.  Always with the pastries, I know!


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