Tuesday, 11 December 2012

paris | montmartre

The day we visited Montmartre was the day on which I slipped on a puddle of pee at a metro station (big props to D for grabbing my arm and averting complete disaster ... I'm not sure that I would have ever quite recovered had I actually landed, eek!) and some old guy standing in a doorway temporarily blinded me by using a small mirror to reflect the sun right into my eyes as we walked past on the other side of the street.  When I looked back, I noticed that he was doing it to everybody, which is just ... bloody strange, really.  I was mildly comforted by the fact that he hadn't specifically singled me out, but I was also super unimpressed about the bright spots that I saw every time I blinked for about ten minutes after the Incident.  Tres hilarious, Monsieur.

Anyhow, Montmartre was its usual charming self - full of art and boulangeries and cobblestone streets and cafes, although I had forgotten about those guys who accost you every ten metres or so, armed with paper and offering to draw your portrait.  I did, however, like to peek at their drawings as I walked past in order to see whether they bore any resemblance to the subject, who was usually sitting there awkwardly and gazing off into the middle distance.  I will admit that some of them are really very talented, but I hate even having my photo taken, so I think that sitting for a portrait would pretty much leave me a basketcase ...


  1. How strange - what a weird thing to do, but thank goodness you were saved. I think I may of cried buckets if I had actually landed.

    Your pictures make me want to hop on the train and go and explore France all over again.

    Nina x

  2. How beautiful, lovely photos & I'm so glad you didn't land in that pee- I think that would be very hard to get over!

  3. your photos take my breath away. seriously.

  4. beautiful! you have such great attention to detail. <3

  5. so gorgeous :)

    glad D saved you!

  6. Beautiful, I feel like I'm back in Montmartre, you've really captured the essence if the area :)

  7. Such details in your photos make me feel like I'm actually there. Simply gorgeous!

  8. Oh I so want to go back to Paris, just to take photos.

  9. Natasha! I have checked out your blog a couple of times now- you may not know it but I seriously think I have net my "friend soulmate" in you! We are so alike I think it was suitably serendipitous (is that a word?) to sit next to you at the workshop. I would so love for you to come visit my place one weekend or something soon- come check out my book collection and maybe we can go on a book hunting date- I did a really bad thing- I went ahead and bought "What Kate Ate" when I really shouldn't have I have a serious problem I am a book-a-holic and photography-a-holic but is that such a bad thing? Love your take on Montmarte and I am so happy to say I had no pee puddle incidences as I would be sick literally, however, my daughter went into a public toilet in Cahors (I think) and she hadn't waited for enough time after the last person so as she entered the entire toilet was hosed by an automatic thing and she got all wet- yuck xxCorrina.

    1. Hi Corrina!

      Aw that's so nice, thank you! I am super jealous that you bought "What Katie Ate" ... D went Christmas shopping the other day so I can only hope that he kept my wish list in mind while he was out and about ;) (I constantly buy books too - I have so many that I have yet to read).

      Would be great to catch up if I am in your corner of the world! Hope you're having a lovely lead-up to Christmas. xox



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