31 December 2012

twenty | twelve

It is evening on the last day of 2012 and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day - sunshiney, warm and not a cloud in the sky.  I spent the afternoon baking dark chocolate and raspberry brownies and D and I are gearing up to head into the city and brave the crowds to watch Sydney's world famous new year's eve fireworks.  It's going to be hot and completely crazy but I am pretty excited about it, especially as it is our first new year's eve together.

What can I say about 2012?  It has been an amazing, happy year.  I married my love and we started to build our life together.  We went on our Big European Trip.  I met my favourite photographer and finally figured out the direction in which I want to take my photography.  I feel really very lucky :)

As for 2013, I am not making any resolutions, just planning to work towards a couple of goals (or is that the same thing?!).  The first is getting my fitness back on track as it kind of fell by the wayside this year! and the second is to try to improve my self-confidence, as I spend the majority of my waking hours wracked with self-doubt over pretty much everything under the sun and it is bloody exhausting!  Somehow I think that the fitness thing will be much easier to achieve ... but we shall see ...

I also just wanted to say thank you for visiting my little corner of the blog world and taking the time to comment - it really means a lot to me!  I wish you all a wonderful new year and hope that all your hopes and dreams come true.  See you in 2013! xox


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