8 January 2013

heatwave & vocab

'Tis is a super scorchy day in Sydney today: 43C (109.4F), to be precise, and I am thankful for my air-conditioned office! although there is a poor bird wandering around outside my window that looks like it would dearly love to frolic under a sprinkler somewhere, and I wish I could let it inside for a bit of a reprieve from the weather.  For the past week or so, the news has been all about the "extreme heatwave" being experienced by parts of Australia (and, sadly, the accompanying bushfires), and I just read that the Bureau of Meteorology has been forced to add new colours to its weather forecasting chart, which was previously capped at 50C (122F)!  Good grief.

Crazy heat aside, I came across the above list on Pinterest a little while ago, and saved it because I love words and writing and there are some good ones in there.  I particularly like hullaballooaudacity, abominable, winsome, discombobulate and enthralled ... and I think I might throw "mayhap" into a conversation at some stage, just to try it out ...


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