Tuesday, 8 January 2013

heatwave & vocab

'Tis is a super scorchy day in Sydney today: 43C (109.4F), to be precise, and I am thankful for my air-conditioned office! although there is a poor bird wandering around outside my window that looks like it would dearly love to frolic under a sprinkler somewhere, and I wish I could let it inside for a bit of a reprieve from the weather.  For the past week or so, the news has been all about the "extreme heatwave" being experienced by parts of Australia (and, sadly, the accompanying bushfires), and I just read that the Bureau of Meteorology has been forced to add new colours to its weather forecasting chart, which was previously capped at 50C (122F)!  Good grief.

Crazy heat aside, I came across the above list on Pinterest a little while ago, and saved it because I love words and writing and there are some good ones in there.  I particularly like hullaballooaudacity, abominable, winsome, discombobulate and enthralled ... and I think I might throw "mayhap" into a conversation at some stage, just to try it out ...


  1. it's miserable isn't it? never have i been more grateful for air con. love this list by the by :)

  2. I hope that your heatwave is an indication of a better summer for us here in the north but still, 43 is a tad too much!

    I love collecting words! Some just *sound* so nice as they roll off the tongue (like discombobulate). How about 'propitiate' and 'serendipitous'?

  3. Beautiful list! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Ah! I love this! Some of my favorite words are on here. And funny to think how hot it is there while I look out the window at the snow.

  5. I heard about the heatwave - it must be so hot and I'm not even sure I would cope with it (for me 30C is too warm... ;)). Lovley list of words!

  6. the heat is horrible, but today it's lovely, finally.
    hullaballoo is a great word, I use every so often. I also fancy breathtaking and fetching -perfectly describe their meaning like no other word.

  7. yes the weather has been abominable, hasn't it :P

    delightful list of words though, I love resplendent & skedaddle :)



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