Wednesday, 9 January 2013

lyon | a day trip to perouges

Perouges is a walled medieval town that dates back to the 14th-15th centuries and is around 36km north-east of Lyon.  When I was doing my endless research about places to visit, lots of sites recommended catching the bus, rather than the train, from Lyon because the bus stop is closer to the town than the train station but truly, it is a really easy walk from Perouges-Meximieux station once you figure out the somewhat garbled set of directions posted on the station noticeboard (as we discovered, the key is to head straight out of the station and not turn right like we did! but on the plus side, we got to take a little walking tour of the rather sleepy [it was siesta* time!] Meximieux whilst trying to find our way).

* do they say "siesta" in France??

One of the official plus beaux villages (most beautiful villages) of France (with a sign to prove it!), Perouges is all about the cobblestone streets, so I was very thankful for my flat boots.  You would probably be hard pressed to imagine a more quintessential medieval town - houses covered in rambling vines, windows with wooden shutters, bright red geraniums providing bursts of colour amidst the stone ... it's a very pretty place and can easily be explored in one to two hours, depending on how many photos you take and whether you decide to stop in for the local specialty, galette de Perouges, which I can only describe as resembling a sort of thin crust pizza (sans crunchiness) with a sugary top.  That probably  makes it sound horrible, but it's actually not, especially when served with cream or ice cream.

And now, onto the photos ...


  1. Your pictures are a perfect dedication to romance and rustic - so beautifully captured.

    Nina x

  2. Oh wow! How beautiful! It does look sleepy! xx

  3. I wanna go live there forever and ever!!! What a cutie!! Loving the old romantic feeling it has!

  4. it looks completely stunning

  5. I have severe travel envy!! Lovely images :)

  6. What a stunning little town! I especially love the photos where you've focused on the doors and windows; just lovely.

  7. Beautiful photos! I love these streets with "no colour" and slightly colored window shutters! Little coutryside towns of France are so cosy!



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