5 January 2013

lyon | vieux lyon

After our time in Paris, D and I hopped (well, not really hopped, considering that we were weighed down with all our bags.  More like “dragged ourselves and our belongings”) onto a train and, two hours later, arrived in Lyon, only to discover that someone had taken D’s coat from the overhead rack by mistake and left a too-small coat in its place.  Poor D.  Not only was it cold outside, but he also really, really loved his coat (we ended up buying a spiffy replacement in Zara later that afternoon).  We tried to visit the lost property counter at Lyon train station, only to be presented with a sign stating that they were “closed just for the day.”  As it turns out, they remained “closed just for the day” throughout the entire duration of our stay in Lyon.  And so, that was that.

We didn’t have any particular reason for choosing to stay in Lyon other than the fact that it seemed like an appropriate mid-point between Paris and our next stop, Venice.  My favourite part of the city was Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon), which is full of winding, cobblestone streets and beautifully textured old buildings in rich, earthy colours.  It is also home to many traditional Lyonnaise restaurants, or bouchons, as well as L’Epiaison, which we thought was the best bakery and pastry shop in Lyon.  Amongst other things, their baguettes were amazing, and we made a point of visiting daily to buy one (or two).  We may have also made a short video professing our love for the baguette, which had a starring role.  We’re a bit weird that way!

1 Avenue Adolphe Max, 69005 Lyon


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