6 January 2013

sydney | a late summer's afternoon at luna park

Late yesterday afternoon, D and I slathered ourselves in sunscreen (I become increasingly sun-safe the older I get ... unlike my younger days, before anybody knew any better and we would all run to the beach or pool and fry ourselves senseless in the hot sun until we achieved lobster colouring) and caught the train over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Milsons Point to have a walk around and take some photos of Luna Park and the Harbour.  It was bloody hot! but we took the edge off the heat with some overpriced peppermint and choc-chip ice cream and had lots of fun wandering through Luna Park, which was basically a swirling mass of colour, amusement-park-type music and screaming; lots and lots of happy/terrified (hard to discern the difference at times) screaming as kids were flung from here to next week on various rides (although I always try to steer clear of anything involving kids as far as taking photos is concerned, so not too much in the way of specific rides below).

Oh and PS: clowns are creepy.


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