30 January 2013

venice | burano

Burano is a small island in the Venetian lagoon that is famous for its rainbow of brightly coloured houses and beautiful lace (I bought the cutest dress for my Goddaughter, squee!), as well as the leaning campanile of the church of San Martino.  It's a fairly quiet place, but a really lovely side trip from Venice and a total photographer's paradise to boot.  I have read a number of explanations for the various hues, including that fishermen painted their homes in certain colours so that they could see them while they were out fishing, and although that sounds really sweet, I'm actually not certain whether it is true (?), as the majority of the homes aren't visible from the lagoon.  Anyway, these days, if the owner of a building is struck by the desire to re-paint, they are required to send a request to the government, which will then advise what colours are allowed for that particular lot.  I think that all the colours are beautiful, but if I had to choose, I would go for a lot with pretty pastels ... :)


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