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Hello and welcome!

I'm Natasha ... I am a lawyer who takes photographs, or a photographer who practices law ... depends on the day!  I live in Sydney, Australia with my American husband, Derek (aka "D"), and our little black cat (aka "the Fur Kid") in an apartment that is under seemingly endless renovation (we'll get there someday, sigh!).

Obviously, I love photography!  I also love coffee and books (bookstore cafes are pretty much my idea of heaven on earth), travelling, peonies and night-time rain.  Lovely light makes me happy, and I get way too grumpy when I drive.  Those two things are not at all related.  This blog is an assortment of my photographs, thoughts (ramblings) and things I like, and its title is taken from one of my favourite poems: e.e. cummings' somewhere i have never travelled.gladly beyond.

I very much hope that you enjoy your visit.


PS.  I can be emailed at beautifullysuddenly[at]ymail[dot]com.

PPS.  If you have any questions about image use, please click here or send me an email.  Thanks!


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